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2017-2018 SCHOOL YEAR


  1. Enrollment Fees (Non-refundable):        Priority   $150                         General   $175
  2. Enrollment Procedure

Enrollment is completed when all forms have been submitted and fees have been paid.

Forms for Complete Enrollment Forms to be Submitted

1. FCS Enrollment Form

2. Authorization & Agreements

3. Health & Medical From

4. ACH Payment Form & Fee

5. Enrollment Deposit & Fees

6. Tuition Worksheet From*

*Provided by the school office after #1-5 is received

1. Health Inventory From*

2. Emergency Form*

3. Copy of Birth Certificate*

4. Student Pickup Autorization Form

5. Student Handbook Agreement

*Must be received before the 1st day of school for child to

be admitted into the classroom


Toilet-Training Requirement: All FCS students should be toilet trained and be able to make it through a full day without regular accidents.  Bringing your child in pull-ups instead of regular underwear does not constitute as being completely toilet-trained. 

Adjustment Period Notice: After a reasonable period of time if the child and/or parents cannot adjust to the school’s rules, expectations, school culture, structure, beliefs, we reserve the right to withdraw the child from the program.

3. Enrollment Dates

  • Priority Enrollment for Current Students (January 3 – 31st)
  • Priority Enrollment for NCFC Members (February 5 – 19th)
  • Public Enrollment kicks off at our School Open House (February 20th) and remains open

4. Uniform Dress Code:  School uniforms are required for 3 year-olds class and older. Uniform guidelines may be found in the parents-student handbook, summer letter, or on the school website.


5. School Year Information

School Operating Hours: Monday - Friday 7:00am - 6:30pm

School Year Dates:   September 5 - June 14 (approximately 180 school days)

No-School Breaks: Spring break (April 2-6), No FCS Camp (Jul. 31-Aug. 4), Teachers Prep Week (Aug. 28-Sept.1), Thanksgiving Break (Nov. 22-24), Christmas Break (December 26-Jan.2)